Plenary Sessions

Wednesday, 30/9/2009

09:00- 09:10 Welcome
09:10- 09:55 Tevatron results: EW and Higgs
                      Anna Goussiou (Washington)
09:55-10:40 Tevatron results: BSM searches
                      Laura Sartori (Pisa)

10:40-11:10 Coffee Break

11:10-11:50 Models of EW symmetry breaking
                     James Wells (CERN)

11:50-12:30 Higgs phenomenology
                     Sven Heinemeyer (Santander)

14:30-15:10 SUSY phenomenology
                     Johan Alwall (SLAC)

15:10-15:50 Collider phenomenology from strings
                     Tomasz Taylor (Boston)

15:50-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-17:10 QCD NLO calculations
                      Giulia Zanderighi (Oxford)

17:10-17:50 EW NLO calculations
                      Stefan Dittmaier (Freiburg)

19:00 Buffet

Thursday, 01/10/2009

09:00-09:40 Parton showers and Monte Carlos
                     Stefan Gieseke (Karlsruhe)

09:40-10:20 Phenomenology of heavy ion collisions
                     Nicolas Borghini (Bielefeld)

10:20-10:50 Coffee Break

10:50-11:30 Parton distributions functions
                      Andreas Vogt (Liverpool)

11:30-12:10 Determination of Parton Distribution Functions at DESY
                      Alexandre Glazov (DESY)


14:00-18:00 Parallel Sessions (see separate program)

Friday, 02/10/2009

09:00-09:40 Heavy flavours: low energy precision and high energy collisions
                      Tobias Hurth (CERN)

09:40-10:20 Dark matter at colliders
                      Graham Kribs (Oregon)

10:20-10:50 Coffee Break

10:50-11:30 SUSY fits
                     Oliver Buchmueller (CERN)

11:30-12:10 LHC physics with early data
                     Stefan Tapprogge (Mainz)


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